14 - 15 September 2018 / Zürich, Switzerland
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14 - 15 September 2018
Zürich, Switzerland
Open Innovation in Life Sciences 2018

Life Sciences PostDoc Day was founded six years ago to promote interactions among postdoctoral researchers and senior Ph.D. students of the ETH domains and to provide career-related advice and support.

This year, for the first time, the Life Sciences PostDoc Day is co-organized by senior Ph.D. students and postdocs from ETH Zurich, University of Zurich, and University Hospital Zurich with the aim of stimulating scientific collaborations across all Zurich research institutions. We also encourage postdocs and senior Ph.D. students from other Swiss universities to join us! This is an exciting event to see what your colleagues are doing and initiate collaborations that can push your research further! 

Why you should attend

You will have a golden opportunity to practice your presentation skills by presenting your current research in an oral and/or poster presentation. Prizes to be awarded to the most inspiring!  

We are offering this year NEW career workshops:

  • Academic career mentoring
  • Transitioning from academia into industry
  • Making your idea into a start up
  • Research culture

There will be many networking opportunities:

  • Poster session
  • Shared interest lunch groups
  • Matchmaking 
  • Networking apero

For more details (i.e. descriptions of workshops and lunch groups topics), please look at the Agenda.



Joe Thornton (University of Chicago)

Prof. Joe Thornton's laboratory studies mechanisms by which protein functions evolve by resurrecting, experimentally characterizing and manipulating ancient proteins. He was previously on the faculty of the Institute for Ecology and Evolution and Department of Biology at the University of Oregon. He has been working on nuclear receptor evolution since his thesis work at the American Museum of Natural History and his postdoctoral work at Columbia University. Before that he was the research coordinator for Greenpeace’s U.S. and international toxics campaigns.

Emily Jones (Nature Communications)

Dr. Jones did her Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona. She was a postdoctoral researcher at Washington State University, Fellow of the College for Life Sciences at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, and a Huxley Faculty fellow at Rice University studying species interactions in a community context before joining Nature


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